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"Confectionnées à Montréal, ces bougies au look moderne et épuré donneront à votre chez soi une touche feutrée."

La Presse +


"It's no secret that I'm obsessed with candles and the Citadines had me at the word "Brioche". A carb-inspired candle !? it doesn't get better than that. With a cool holographic vessel and rich notes of vanilla, milk and caramel, this one appeals to all the senses."

"Richly scented candles. Perfect for holiday gifting."


"Des designs originaux, des fragrances envoûtantes et un look tout simplement magnifique."


"'Scents and the City: Montreal candlemaker Les Citadines takes aromatic cues from the city's neighbourhoods for its bestselling Montreal collection."


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