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Montreal collection

City Vibes...

Our candles from the Montreal neighbourhood collection are clean-burning, with a simple, clean design. They are wrapped in an origami inspired paper packaging.

toronto collection

Our Toronto Collection is inspired by Toronto culture and lifestyle. Six different candles in gorgeous black vessels. 

Represent The 6ix !

The minis


Candles for all the moments that matter most.

Life's occasions are all around us - birthdays and celebrations, little moments and big milestones.


urban garden collection


Our Urban garden collection celebrates the return of the warm weather with fresh fragrances of flowers, greens and fruits. It reveals its tender, scented secrets...through enchanted, fragrant journeys.


It is wrapped in a splendid origami packaging with flowers and foliage that embody the warm seasons. 



Metropolitans collection

Inspired by all city dwellers.

Housed in luxe gold vessels, our Metropolitans Collection imparts mystical, deep and invigorating perfumes.

Quotes collection

Light the candle.

Light up your mind with the thought on it,

then sit back and smell the beautiful aromas

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